‘Fess up Friday! 

Well it’s time to ‘fess up as to what my week has been like. I have been completing a few final pieces for “Whisperings II”

As I said a few days ago.

 I got out my needle felting machine and started in on a piece that was eco-printed in Australia a couple of years ago. It had beautiful markings on it from a ‘kasuri’ plant. Well I should have left it as it was!………I needle felted over the lines in a lavender silk and added some leaves in a citrus colour silk thread.

Then I wanted words to suggest ‘whispers’ from the forest and stencilled them on with fabric printing inks. I totally 

overdid it and the words were all you saw………now what? !!!

So I started to overlay a layer of new trees with a silk ribbon to try and ‘knock back’ the words into the forest…..

I think I am succeeding, what do you think?

Why do I always make life difficult for myself?

4 thoughts on “‘Fess up Friday! 

  1. Fabulous creativity, and beautifully done! I so enjoy seeing your work, even in progress 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing, you are my inspiration…



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