First Nations Reconciliation Pole

I attended a very important event yesterday at the University of British Columbia. A ceremonial raising of a Totem Pole to commemorate the First Nations children who died in the residential schools of Canada. A part of our country’s history that we tend to skip over. It was a very moving ceremony for the survivors of the system, but a day for Non-First Nation Canadians to take ownership of the wrong doing and to move forward on a positive note together to right the ship!

I saw the pole being carved last year on my trip to Haida Gwaii by Jim Hart, so it was a very special moment for me too.

To see the pole and to read about the history go to

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2 thoughts on “First Nations Reconciliation Pole

  1. Amazing Annie. It is shocking that we mostly don’t know the extent of what happened and shocking that it ever happened.


    • It is Barb. I am just reading an amazing book, Maps and Dreams by Hugh Boyd. About the bands in the north eastern part of BC.
      It only goes up to the 1980’s, but it is a very painful book to read.


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