Ethereal leaves

I have been having fun throughout the summer printing with leaves from my dried stash.

But I have waited until now to use the leaves I collected from my Mums funeral wreath. It was with trepidation and held breath that I gently placed them on silk organza and linen to try and get a double print so that I could share it with my two sisters.

I am pleased with the results and now will have the pleasure of sitting in the Fall evenings and stitching into the pieces thinking of my family and the times we shared.

3 thoughts on “Ethereal leaves

  1. Anni this is a really special piece and so beautiful. How lovely to create something so unusual in memory of your Mum and family. It will be wonderful to see its progress as you stitch into it.


  2. Anni, I love your new fabrications with added thoughts to ponder. Very nice work. I especially enjoy the leaves pressed into the fabric, beautiful!
    If I ever land in a place to start working my craft, your inspiration has given me lots to start my journey… Thank you đź’“


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