Moving right along………Playing with tone and line……….

India Ink on silk …anni hunt..

In May I registered with Bobby Britnell in the Uk for an online course…….Inspired by Tone & Line. It was all about drawing with tone and line and creating designs to develop into your work both with paper and textiles.

It was very thought provoking and made one think about stitch in a whole new way.

Tone & Line by Anni Hunt

We worked through a series of exercises over the four weeks, progressing from simple graphite lines to tones and then colour. Gradually adding more complexity as we went. I really loved the course and having it presented to you in nice ‘bite sized’ pieces was really doable for me.

At the time I was in the middle of creating five pieces for a show “Shifting Landscapes” and it gave me an opportunity to add line to my pieces with hand and machine stitch to create more interest than just the marks I already had on the linen canvas .

here is one piece before any stitch was added.
here I added small circles for rocks
and here just subtle lines to suggest contour lines on the landscape.

I discovered several new artists from Bobby’s recommendations and several for myself doing more research. I think my favourite was Wilhelmina Barnes Graham…..a British artist 1912-2004

Wilhelmina Barnes Graham

Wilhelmina Barnes Graham

Her use of line was spectacular in my opinion.

I was so inspired with what I learned with Bobby that I have signed up again for another class of hers…..”Inspired by Grids”……which started this week. I will post some of my images from the class at a later date.

Here is a link to Bobby and her website.

Stay safe, stay well informed!


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