Anni Hunt in front of her "Totem" series, 2020.

Artists Statement: Anni Hunt

I am a mixed media artist, and I work mainly with textiles, to create two- and three-dimensional art.

I love to create texture. I love things that are old and decaying; antiqued. I find my inspiration mainly in nature and my West Coast surroundings.

I also like to use text in my pieces to draw the viewer’s attention in; to have them discover the words and symbols hidden in the details, which reveal the fine stitches and threads that have created the texture and text.

I love to play with microscopic and macro contexts in my artwork; where the viewer’s imagination is free to explore the larger apparent shapes, but continues to find new details every time they see it again. I have recently incorporated my textiles into encaustics with wax, which gives them a translucent appearance; a feeling of being embalmed/fossilized and aged.

In 2019, I worked on a collection involving decaying totem poles, inspired by Northern BC First Nations' carvings.