Slow Down and Smell the Roses!

Well, it has been a rather hectic year (2016) and Spring (2017) that it has given me pause to reflect on how 'self-inflicted' this 'busy-ness' is!

Some things can't be avoided, like illness and surgeries etc, but some things certainly can be contained if one becomes mindful enough to manage them as one goes about daily life.

I realized I was saying yes to too many projects/activities that life was just a series of deadlines. It became very stressful and not much fun. Especially my art...

I was reading a recent blog series from Joe & Sam of talking about managing your creativity. It is a very timely series of articles for me. It gave me insight into my own artistic practise, and how I was not really being true to myself. A lot of my creativity was being influenced by what the exhibit/show 'required,' rather than what 'I' wanted to create, and what my own personal voice was saying in response to the topic.

How about if 'I' chose the topic for a change? How about if I go back to my original 'City & Guilds' methods of researching a topic and taking it as far as I can go with it?

That sounds more like fun and also being able to be true to oneself and not having to dance to someone else's tune.

I have been looking through my 'Pinterest' pages, especially on 'mark making' and 'favourite artists'.

It is very telling what inspires me on these pages/boards and yet not very representative in my artistic expression. A sobering thought.

So I have decided that this year I am going to try and be;

1. Kinder to myself and be selfish with my time for me.

2. Be true to myself and let my own artistic voice speak to me.

3. Enjoy the artistic pursuit rather than the stress of a deadline.

This is easier said than done; I have a few friends keeping me honest on this quest. In fact they were the instigators in some of this as they could see me on the way to 'burn-out'.

Artwork by Anni Hunt.
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