Ethereal leaves

I have been having fun throughout the summer printing with leaves from my dried stash.

But I have waited until now to use the leaves I collected from my Mums funeral wreath. It was with trepidation and held breath that I gently placed them on silk organza and linen to try and get a double print so that I could share it with my two sisters.

I am pleased with the results and now will have the pleasure of sitting in the Fall evenings and stitching into the pieces thinking of my family and the times we shared.

One deadline down, next one looming!

I noticed this draft blog that never went out in the Spring, but decided to post it anyway!

Well, that was one deadline over with…….”Whisperings II” was hung today and opens on Friday.

This piece was my problem child and ended up completely different……….it was an eco print from when I was in Australia on a silk/wool jersey……….I just loved the marks made from some eucalyptus seed heads but I felt I just couldn’t exhibit it as it stood.

So it went from this…… stitch


to this………needle felted with silk threads

and finally to this……………needle felted silk trees and textile printed the background…

I think I should have left it alone!! What do you think??

Now for the “Textures of Land and Sea” deadline which is at least a while away.

I am doing some of my 3D pieces which I always love doing as it is so playful to work this way. I have several nests under construction and will start on a few Silk Organza vessels tomorrow. I’m also anxious to try out some thread painting on dissolvable fabrics with my new industrial sewing machine to see how I can fashion them into vessels.