‘Fess up Friday!¬†

Well it’s time to ‘fess up as to what my week has been like. I have been completing a few final pieces for “Whisperings II”

As I said a few days ago.

 I got out my needle felting machine and started in on a piece that was eco-printed in Australia a couple of years ago. It had beautiful markings on it from a ‘kasuri’ plant. Well I should have left it as it was!………I needle felted over the lines in a lavender silk and added some leaves in a citrus colour silk thread.

Then I wanted words to suggest ‘whispers’ from the forest and stencilled them on with fabric printing inks. I totally 

overdid it and the words were all you saw………now what? !!!

So I started to overlay a layer of new trees with a silk ribbon to try and ‘knock back’ the words into the forest…..

I think I am succeeding, what do you think?

Why do I always make life difficult for myself?

First blog post

Dear all,

I have been very frustrated with my website recently and cannot resolve the issues without further great expense, so I have decided to start a blog here and keep this as an update of what is going on in my life.

I’m hoping it will be easier to manage in the long run.

The image above is ink and pastel on fine art paper, done in a workshop with Janice Jarvis from Jandana Ranch.


I am looking forward to engaging will you all again.