Silk Habotai with Soy Wax Batik and procion dyes.

Since I have been doing a lot of dying outside this summer I have lots of leftover dye. So I managed to snag a bag of linen scraps from Maiwa supply store and have been using up the dyes on the pieces of linen. I was inspired by Fariba Mirzai’s designs in the slow clothes fashion show at Harmony Arts and have decided to try and create one similar for myself.
So I have been selecting various fabrics of similar weight and over dying them to achieve a range of tones to collage together for the yardage. I will post some pictures of my progress this week. Whilst the cat’s away the mice will play!
Enjoy the last of the summer

Transforming Donated Fabrics;

A fabric with parallel stitch lines, works well with wicking the dyes in lines.

After a long vacation, I am ready to get back into my studio and have some fun. I love to go away and recharge my ‘creative batteries’ but I must say it is nice to come home and get back into the studio. I have a few of my 3D pieces in a show at Fiberworks at present. It is called ‘Beyond the Basics’ and here is the write up from the Fiberworks gallery webpage;

Beyond the Basics

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of FibreWorks Studio & Gallery in Pender Harbour, BC, Canada, 2017 provides the opportunity to showcase special events highlighting the excellence of the fibre artists who have exhibited, taught and attended workshops at FibreWorks.

One of these special events is “Beyond The Basics” – a juried exhibition of basketry, inspired by the teachings of renowned basketry artist, Jackie Abrams of Vermont. ( In addition to the accepted submissions, the exhibition will feature some of Jackie’s fabulous work.

Artists from Canada, United States of America and Australia have submitted their art, showcasing the influence of Jackie’s teachings.

Join us in congratulating Jackie at the opening reception of Beyond the Basics: Jackie Abrams & Friends – Saturday, June 17, 2 to 4 p.m.
The exhibition continues through to Sunday, July 23

Please check the workshops – Collect & Connect and Bias Plaited Baskets that are offered during Jackie’s time at FibreWorks in 2017.

Jackie Abrams has been a basketmaker since 1975, when she first apprenticed to an 81-year-old traditional white ash basketmaker. Since 1990, she has been exploring plaiting techniques, the use of heavy cotton paper as a material, and the possibilities of contemporary basketry. She exhibits her work at shows, galleries and museums, has been included in numerous books, and teaches throughout the US, Australia, and Canada.

Current Exhibition at Fiberworks

Well, it has been a rather hectic year (2016) and Spring (2017) that it has given me pause to reflect on how ‘self-inflicted’ this ‘busy-ness’ is!

Some things can’t be avoided, like illness and surgeries etc, but some things certainly can be contained if one becomes mindful enough to manage them as one goes about daily life. Continue reading

Slow Down and Smell the Roses!

First Nations Reconciliation Pole

I attended a very important event yesterday at the University of British Columbia. A ceremonial raising of a Totem Pole to commemorate the First Nations children who died in the residential schools of Canada. A part of our country’s history that we tend to skip over. It was a very moving ceremony for the survivors of the system, but a day for Non-First Nation Canadians to take ownership of the wrong doing and to move forward on a positive note together to right the ship!

I saw the pole being carved last year on my trip to Haida Gwaii by Jim Hart, so it was a very special moment for me too.

To see the pole and to read about the history go to

Trees (1)

New Works

Well I have been working on several pieces at once which I like to do to keep my mind alert!

Here I have been ‘writing’ with my sewing machine on soluble fabric, which washes away to leave only thread letters. They are pinned and drying right now……………Forest Poem

I am using it for a background to attach my Tyvek leaves to and place over a mount, to leave spaces open to the background .

Here are the stitched leaves.


I will post the finished piece once it is done.

Happy Friday ! :))

One deadline down, next one looming!

I noticed this draft blog that never went out in the Spring, but decided to post it anyway!

Well, that was one deadline over with…….”Whisperings II” was hung today and opens on Friday.

This piece was my problem child and ended up completely different……….it was an eco print from when I was in Australia on a silk/wool jersey……….I just loved the marks made from some eucalyptus seed heads but I felt I just couldn’t exhibit it as it stood.

So it went from this…… stitch


to this………needle felted with silk threads

and finally to this……………needle felted silk trees and textile printed the background…

I think I should have left it alone!! What do you think??

Now for the “Textures of Land and Sea” deadline which is at least a while away.

I am doing some of my 3D pieces which I always love doing as it is so playful to work this way. I have several nests under construction and will start on a few Silk Organza vessels tomorrow. I’m also anxious to try out some thread painting on dissolvable fabrics with my new industrial sewing machine to see how I can fashion them into vessels.

‘Fess up Friday! 

Well it’s time to ‘fess up as to what my week has been like. I have been completing a few final pieces for “Whisperings II”

As I said a few days ago.

 I got out my needle felting machine and started in on a piece that was eco-printed in Australia a couple of years ago. It had beautiful markings on it from a ‘kasuri’ plant. Well I should have left it as it was!………I needle felted over the lines in a lavender silk and added some leaves in a citrus colour silk thread.

Then I wanted words to suggest ‘whispers’ from the forest and stencilled them on with fabric printing inks. I totally 

overdid it and the words were all you saw………now what? !!!

So I started to overlay a layer of new trees with a silk ribbon to try and ‘knock back’ the words into the forest…..

I think I am succeeding, what do you think?

Why do I always make life difficult for myself?