Interesting Times.


Now is a very interesting time in many ways. Our lives will never be the same after this pandemic. But there have been many times in history when this phrase was uttered. All seem to be connected with adversity rather than good times. Giving the word ‘interesting’ a negative connotation.

But I did notice this Art Exhibition that took place in Vienna last year from May to November. Entitled “May you Live in Interesting Times”

Little did they know what was ahead………..I wish I could see what the 79 artists submitted for this intriguing topic. The website does give a few images of some of the work submitted. Maybe they should make it a virtual show now that it is over physically.

But it has been quite ‘interesting’ in my art practise in that it has freed up many more hours for me to go into the studio and just play. So the word “interesting” has had a positive spin for me regarding my art. I’m not saying it has all been positive, but I certainly have found advantages to these “interesting” times as well as disadvantages. What about you?

I registered for many online classes and have found it inspirational to connect with other international artists that I have long wanted to learn from. So I will go through the various classes I registered with to give you a flavour of what exciting inspiration I found out there. Each blog post will feature a different artist that I took online workshops with. I will not give away any secrets of the class that would compromise the artist……….but I will post images of my artistic process through the class. I hope you will find it inspirational and help you explore artists that you admire and see what they are offering in these ‘interesting’ times.

One of the first classes way back in March was with “The Pale Rook” Here are two of the dolls I made during the class.

This artist I have admired for a long time now. Not only her work but her way with words. Her blog posts are quite powerful and resonate with me on a deeper level than most blogs. So I took the class to gain insight into her artistic practice and to ‘play’ with something that I otherwise don’t do in my own work. It was a lot of fun and I got to see other people’s work evolve alongside my own………….check out Instagram with #palerookworkshop.

It took my mind off the pandemic for a little while, each of the six weeks was a little exercise into finding your own voice to be able to create something unique to you and not just a copy of her wonderful work.

I hope you will look her up on Instagram

Aside: The image at the top of the post is my only “COVID-19” piece and is entitled “We Are All Connected”…………..the rest of my work created during this ‘interesting time’ has nothing to do with the pandemic.



I have been waiting and waiting …and waiting… reveal to you my new version of my blog………transformed into a simple, understated, website to show my latest works, latest shows, and some works from the past.

It has taken a lot of hard work as well as patience to get this right……….and still is ongoing at this present time.

I thought I would make headway during this time of restricted movement, but alas the website took a back seat to all of the wonderful courses being offered online from teachers I had longed to take classes from. I have been so totally immersed in some amazing classes that the blog and website made little progress.

However, a breakthrough has occurred in this last month or two and I am on the final stretch to going ‘live’ with the site. It is more a case of the fine tuning of the ‘look & feel’ that I want to achieve at this final stage.

I held off writing on the blog…………why I don’t know really, it doesn’t make sense, as I have been exploring some amazing artists and techniques that I am so eager to share with you. So I am back in the saddle, ready to share and engage in a conversation about textiles art and all that it encompasses.

Here is a picture from the latest course that I am engrossed in for now….with Lorna Crane from Australia…(through Fiber Arts Take Two)

In the first module, we had to make our own brushes for ‘mark making’ onto paper and fabrics……..I loved this process and have been making several sets as gifts to friends and artists.

Next week I will post some of the marks I made with them!