Covid Crazy

Well, I'm a bit behind in keeping you up-to-date with my "year of Covid" classes!

I've been hanging on, trying to get my new website online, but alas, things are taking a little longer than expected, while it goes a major reengineering behind the scenes. (Who knew, migrating away from Wordpress to a modern, "headless" content management system, with a new website front-end, would be such a big undertaking?)

So instead, I'll try to catch you up with this post, about a class I took back in April 2020; I signed up with Nicola Brown of “Clasheen.” Her site can be found at:

I was first introduced to Nicola, (here in Vancouver,) a few years back. I took a one-day workshop with her. The class was called ‘Eco-Print meets sculptural felt pods, vessels and three dimensional shapes.’ It lasted several weeks, and I ended up making a large basket for my knitting projects.

We also focused on felting and eco-printing in the same class.

I created a scarf, which I named 'Nemo.' It was the most successful piece I have ever done with eco-printing.

Nicola is a great teacher, and she expects the best from her students. She's meticulous with detail, and very patient. I learned a lot about (dye) resists, 3D felting, as well as eco-printing.

I would highly recommend her courses and if you can visit her in Ireland that would be even better!

Please enjoy some photos and examples from the outcome of my studies!


The scarf I created during that first workshop with Nicola. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
Scarf eco-printing detail. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
An eco-printed 3D basket I made. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
One of my eco-printed sweaters from the class with Nicola Brown. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
Small eco-printed textile pieces; ideal to stitch into. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
Sleeveless eco-printed mitts. Artwork by Anni Hunt.
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