Hare Pillows

Recently I took a Paint and Stitch class with Eleanor Hannon.

Through Eleanor’s class, we students were asked to make up our own stitches, and assemble a book of our own stitch designs, etc. From here, I was inspired to stitch various hare designs.

When I came back to these learning experiments, as I often do, I decided to apply paint into my stitched design. I used upcycled and over-dyed silk and fabric segments, (from one of my materials collection bins.) I collaged them around the hare designs, which helped to break up the composition into something more interesting and complimentary.

As these musings came together, I thought it might be fun to turn them into pillows, sort of as functional artwork, but not intended to be slept upon or laundered frequently, (if at all!) so I assembled the designs onto a backing, and the corresponding pillow case rear, and intentionally added some relatively inaccessible fastenings to one side.

From more of the (artist’s psychology) side of things; I’m glad that it felt like a relatively easy-going process of execution. The pillows all came together quickly, e.g. in only a day or two. I was feeling freshly-inspired and in a “flow state” to realize the idea. It felt like a relatively straightforward process, with the pieces of the puzzle falling into place, and not much of a creative struggle. I didn’t have to overthink it.

After my surge of production, I was able to stand back, allow my focus to “zoom out,” and I came to appreciate how the complimentary colours and rule-of-thirds compositions came together, largely unconsciously.

I’ve had many purchases and interest from my community, and I was feeling excited to share the hares(!) here on my blog,with you now.

What compositions, textures, stitches, or processes have you been inspired by recently? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


This one looks as if he's about to run away..........shy? Artwork, by Anni Hunt

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