December 2023 Newsletter

Hi everyone,

I decided to get a jump on one of my (dreaded) New Year's Resolutions.

I decided to “grab the bull by the horns” and make a refreshed commitment to myself and to you. I’m dedicated to sharing more of what I do in my studio with you on a more consistent basis. I can’t promise how long this will last, and I will try not to overwhelm you with too many emails flooding into your already full inbox……….but I hope you will enjoy the occasional peek into my studio and see what I am up to.

My lack of contact with you all is not  that I don't have anything to say… quite the opposite! I feel like I have so much to share that I don't know where to start.

I have been so busy and creative in the 'Great Pause', (as India Flint likes to call it.) and will dedicate some future posts about the exciting projects I have undertaken and the work that has come out of them.

I’ve also taken LOTS of very interesting online classes throughout Covid,  and have been busy  engaging  speakers from all over the world  to present via Zoom to our North Shore Needle Arts Guild, here in Vancouver.

So I look forward to featuring some of these classes and speakers in future posts, giving you an overview and hopefully a sneak-peak into whether or not you might like to sign up for some of them.

Also, this isn’t a one-way street! I would love to hear what you’ve been up to over the past many months, in the comments below this post!

I’m really looking forward to engaging with you all  throughout this next year.

So that is an overview of what you can expect from my posts to you in the coming year , but this month I wanted to share my twelve  favorite ‘go-to’ books on mark-making, line and text in textiles. I will feature one each month in 2024 and tell you why I like it so much!

My gift you for the giving season:)

  1. CALLIGRAPHY A book of contemporary inspiration, by Denise Lach, ISBN: 9780500291214
  2. THE INTENTIONAL THREAD A guide to drawing, gesture, and colour in stitch, by Susan Brandeis, ISBN: 9780764357435
  3. MAKING YOUR MARK Creating cloth for imagery, stitch, embroidery and embellishment, by Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan, ISBN: 9780955164972
  4. FINDING YOUR OWN VISUAL LANGUAGE A practical guide to design and composition by, Jane Dunnewold, Claire Benn and Leslie Morgan, ISBN: 9780955164927
  5. CHER MAITRE Lettres a Auguste Rodin 1902-1913, ISBN: 9782862273549
  6. MARK MAKING IN TEXTILE ART by Helen Parrott, ISBN: 9781849940672
  7. POETIC CLOTH creating meaning in textile art, by Hannah Lamb, ISBN: 9681849945363
  8. TEXT IN TEXTILE ART by Sara Inpey, ISBN: 9781849940429
  9. INTERPRETING THEMES IN TEXTILE ART by Els Van Baarle and Cherilyn Martin, ISBN: 9781849944366
  10. WORDS AND WALLS By Jette Clover, ISBN: 9789090274669
  11. URBAN TEXTURES by Ester Bornemisza, ISBN: 9789631297560
  12. DRAWN TO STITCH line drawing and mark making in textile art, by Gwen Headley, ISBN: 9781596682337
Christmas gifts in preparation!

That's all for now! Stay subscribed to catch next month's newsletter, and fresh original ideas for textile artists, throughout 2024!

If you find any dead links, or have any recommendations for improvements to my posts, please get in touch via the comments below this post. If you're viewing this via email, please click the (View in web browser) link to see the comments system on my website.

Take care,

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December 2023 Newsletter

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