Course Review: The Pale Rook

One of the first classes way back in March 2020 was with The Pale Rook.

Explore her site here:

And her Instagram feed here:

I've admired this artist (Johanna) for a long time now; not only for her artwork, but also her way with words.

Her blog posts are powerful, and resonate with me on a deeper level than most blogs.

Focusing on her course successfully took my mind off the pandemic, at least for a little while. In each of the six weeks of her course was an exercise; diving into finding your own voice, to be able to create something unique to you, and not just a copy of her wonderful work.

I took her class to gain insight into her artistic practice, and to play with something that I otherwise don't do in my own work. It was engaging and fun, and I got to see other people's work evolve alongside my own...

I thouroughly enjoyed this course and I can give it a strong recommendation! -Anni

Here are two of the dolls I made during the class:

Two of the dolls I made during The Pale Rook's online course. Artwork by Anni Hunt.

Have you been enjoying any online classes during the lockdown? Please let me know in the comments below.

- Anni

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